Ver-T-Bench Units

Eliminates Assembly Congestion and Table Confusion

  • No more clogged aisles filled with in-process assemblies.
  • No more littered tables retarding flow of assembly parts.

A Few of the Many Advantages of Ver-T-Bench Units

  • More working area and assembly space
  • More storage space for finished work
  • More storage space for components
  • More free area for assembly tools

Saves Man Hours…Saves Floor Space

  • Increases production
  • Increases safety factor
  • Increases work area
  • Reduces worker fatigue
  • Reduces material damage
  • Reduces production costs

This Ver-T-Bench is versatile and adjustable to meet your assembly requirements. Simply select the Ver-T-Rack trays and accessories you need.

For details see proceeding pages covering Ver-T-Rack accessories. These Trays, Hangers, Spindles etc. are interchangeable and quickly adaptable to your various assembly needs and requirements.

Accessories as shown not included with benches
3 Feet or a Mile Long
2 section Ver-T-Bench with 4 Louvered Panels with accessories shown above.

Ver-T-Bench 40VB-1
1 Section
2 Sections
3 Sections
Length 40″ 72″ 109″
Width 32″ 32″ 32″
Bench Ht 30″ 30″ 30″
Overall Ht. 66″ 66″ 66″
Weight 110 lbs 209 lbs 315 lbs

1 Section-2 Sections-3 Sections pictured above