Versatile Material Handling


Versatility is the key to efficient productivity. The Ver-T-Rack system is grouponethe most adaptable, mobile, adjustable, interchangeable material handling system available. From simple storage racks to multiple, movable units, Ver-T-Rack lets you design the system that fits your operation best. Standard support structures accept a variety of trays, tote boxes, radius brackets and accessories. Single, double, and tandem units permit utilization of nearly any type space and/or operation.

Rugged Construction

Ver-T-Rack support structures are constructed from strong, angle-iron, grouptwoall welded components. Precision designed and fabricated, Ver-T-Rack support structures resist sudden impacts and strains encountered from uneven floors and physical obstacles. Engineered incline angle of support rails prevent load spillage while racks are in motion or from uneven loading of trays. Fabricated either with or without heavy duty casters, Ver-T-Rack structures will handle load capacities up to 2500 lbs. Structures are available as single, double and tandem units.

Load Handling Accessories

Load handling trays, interchangeable with all standard Ver-T-Rack groupthreesupport structures, can be mixed or matched as open or semi-closed, with or without tray dividers. Flat trays, wire trays, tool holder trays, and trays with expanded metal bottoms for fluid drainage or circulation are also available as standard components. Radius brackets, spindles and hangers are also offered.